The Justice League

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Day 1

Marley has met up with his two cousins, Peiter and Rin in a small town Sylbaran in the Eldeen Reaches. There they have been helping the towns people after a devastating attack from a band of Goblins and Orcs. While there performing their duties, they witness the town priest, brother John, go nuts during a sermon. They confront him later that night and find that he has been affected by a terrible artifact of Lady vol. He found it in a lake North of the town, and since then has become power hungry. He has even begun raising the local dead from the cemetery, forming a small band of zombies, terrorizing the locals. Who wouldn’t be scared on Aunty walking the streets, when she has been dead for the past 15 yrs!

They find out more about the artifact. It belongs to a lich who wishes to perform terrible evil on behalf of Lady Vol. The Justice League won’t stand for that. They remove brother John from its power, and Marley throws him in the town jail for his horrible deeds. Our heros then meet a stranger in town who also knows of the terrible evil about to befall the land. He agrees to help our group by leading us, North by Northwest to the tomb of the lich. Not just any tomb, but the TOMB OF HORRORS!


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